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Teacher Appreciation Week May 5, 2024

As we get ready for Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to first shout out to all the fellow teachers working out there in the trenches. This is not an easy career by any means. I know how much blood, sweat, and tears we put into our school lives and I would just like to tell all of you thank you! Thank you to the educators that inspired me and made me fall in love with learning, and those colleagues who have held my hand over the years. Thank you to the teachers who taught and supported my son, my nieces, and nephews, and those who have taught thousands of minds over their 40 year careers. The amount of lives you have touched is immeasurable.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Teacher Appreciation Week is always a bit awkward for me as a teacher. I mean, sure, I want to feel appreciated and beloved, but I also feel guilty because families often feel obligated to buy or send something to school even if they cannot afford it. Additionally, students feel left out when some kids bring in gifts and they can't. I hate this. I am always grateful for a sweet gift, don't get me wrong, but I am equally as happy with a student made card or something cost free and sincere. I once received a loaf of homemade bread from a family with a note that read, "This is all they could afford." I felt so honored they would even think of me under those circumstances, and would put that kind of effort into a gift. That loaf of bread was so loved (and delicious), it didn't even make it to my house. I shared it right there in the classroom with my student. We laughed and laughed as we ate the entire thing. I will forever love that memory.

For anyone reading, this week is never about expensive gifts. Teachers just want to know you noticed us and appreciate our hard work. That loaf of bread was above and beyond one of my favorite gifts. The sweet note from my student that was attached melted my heart. I still have it saved in a box 20 years later. In fact, I have saved every note, card, and drawing a student has given me. When I went through them last year, I told my husband that when I die, those should be displayed at my funeral. Those kind words and stick figure drawings are a huge part of what gave my life meaning. Please don't underestimate the power of a simple thank you. It means so much more than you think.

The May Connection

On a final note, I always thought that there must be a connection between Teacher Appreciation Week and High School Graduation. Since both fall during May, I have found myself receiving my most cherished gifts of gratitude from former students who are reflecting on their own school chapters coming to a close. As they get ready to embark on the futures they have dreamed about for so long, they often feel compelled to stop by the classroom to say hello, write letters and emails, and send senior pictures or graduation invitations. When it comes to something meaningful to make a teacher feel loved, those seniors know how to stop the show! Watching your 4th graders cross that stage and get their diplomas, knowing that your were somehow a tiny part of that, is the ultimate gift as an educator. No gift card, coffee mug, or expensive present, could ever top that. Those sweet students remembering you as their teacher is the greatest gift of all.

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