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Cancellations and Refunds

For Live Tutoring, Lessons and Bundles:


Tutoring bundles are multi-session plans, each with 40 minute lessons. Payment MUST be paid in advance. Cancellations can only be made 24 hours in advance for a free rescheduled lesson. If the class is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the start of the session, or the student is a no show for the scheduled session, no refund or rescheduled class will be made. The student will forfeit that particular session in their bundle.


For bundled lessons, one no show / late cancellation will be waived for each student as they occur (i.e student illness, emergency etc.) In this case, ONE free rescheduled lesson will be provided PER BUNDLE. All lessons must be used within the time frame listed upon purchase, such as 3 months for a semester course.


You may reschedule or change times for any sessions prior to the 24 hour start time with another open time slot in my schedule.


Refunds for purchased bundles will only be honored under the following conditions:

Full refund until a week in advance of the first session, or within 24 hours of purchase (until class starts).


If a lesson is interrupted due to technical difficulties and we cannot connect for the lesson, we will work together to schedule a makeup class.


I reserve the right to change my schedule from time to time. If I must cancel a session, I will always do so 24 hours in advance. In these cases, we will find a makeup class time. If I must permanently alter my schedule and your regular tutoring time slot is no longer available, I will do my best to find an alternative time for your learner. If this cannot be accomplished, I will refund all remaining sessions in your prepaid bundle.



***Private lessons are for ONE learner. Siblings and friend groups will not be taught in a purchased private session. If you would like a group class for your sibling children or friend group, I am happy to arrange a special session. This must be planned and booked in advance. Each student must be registered separately and will be charged a modified rate. Please contact me at if you want to schedule a group lesson for a party or family group.


* If I see additional children participating in a private lesson, the lesson will be cancelled and not refunded.


**Learners must be registered with their actual age and FIRST NAME. I do not have a problem teaching grade level specific content to learners outside the typical age range, but I must know in advance. For example, if you want your 2nd grade age child to learn 5th grade content, I need to know in order to accurately plan for that lesson. For legal and safety reasons, their registration information must also be accurate. If inaccurate or deceitful information is provided, the lesson will be cancelled and a refund will not be provided.


**If abusive language, behavior, or actions are demonstrated by the PARENT or LEARNER, the lesson will be immediately cancelled and not refunded. All future classes in that learner's bundle will also be cancelled. If the behavior is egregious and extreme, I reserve the right to cancel all upcoming sessions and not provide a refund for any remaining lessons. Harassment, cursing, screaming, intimidation, or threatening behavior all constitute grounds for immediate student removal from the platform and refusal of refund.


For Membership / Subscriptions:


Membership and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Refunds for the current purchase month will not be provided. You must cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date. You will still have access to content until your cancellation date.

For Digital Download Store Purchases:


Refunds are not provided for digitally downloaded content. I do not offer hard copy or shipping on digital items.

Privacy & Safety

My live Zoom meetings are recorded. This protects both the child and the teacher. You MUST give written authorization for this recording prior to the lesson and are entitled to a copy of each session's recording. Zoom will host the recording and a link of the recording can be provided upon parent request.


Due to varying ECPA laws in different states, explicit consent to this recording must be given by the parent prior to our first lesson. Documentation about Zoom recordings and policies can be provided upon request.


Additionally, COPPA laws to children's privacy will be honored in my sessions. Registration for a learning bundle will be done UNDER THE PARENT/ GUARDIAN'S NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION ONLY. Please only provide the child's FIRST NAME and accurate age in the about my learner section. All student emails, school names, location information, gaming handles, birthdates, and other specific identifying information will be refused. Student privacy is important to me. Absolutely no student data will be collected, sold, given, or provided to any third party.

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

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