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Help your young learners discover the concept of adding decimals with this challenging practice, game, and activity pack! 8 learning worksheets and 7 activities are included (38 PDF). Students will begin working with decimal addition by using commonly utilized strategies likes the standard algorithm, expanded form, representational modeling, and comparing decimals to money. Students will also learn distribution and compatible pairing strategies often used with the Distributive, Commutative, and Associative Properties. Associated vocabulary is woven into each activity. Learners will also be challenged with missing digit puzzles, true / false statements, and extra information word problems.


For added fun, learners can use fun puzzles, brainteasers, secret decoders, and color by number activities to reinforce learning. Activities will include use of the standard algorithm, mental math, and expanded form, and mathematical properties like commutative, associative, and distributive properties. An 8-page, annotated teacher answer key is included!


Included in this Pack:

Adding Decimals: Learning and Practice Worksheets


  • Adding Decimals Algorithm and Vocabulary
  • Adding Decimals with the Standard Algorithm Practice
  • Adding Decimals Using Expanded Form and Mathematical Properties
  • Drawing Models of Decimal Addition 
  • True / False Statements and Missing Digits Puzzles
  • Adding Decimals: Using Money to Model
  • Adding Decimals with Distribution and Compatible Pairing
  • Adding Decimals: Word Problem Challenge
  • Teacher Annotated Answer Key

Adding Decimals: Games and Activities

  • Hands-On, Cut-Out Puzzle
  • Color By Number Activity
  • Honeycomb Puzzle Grid
  • Can You Solve the Riddle
  • Mental Math “Counting Up” Puzzle
  • Decimal Super Sleuth: Cracking the Secret Code
  • Commutative, Associative, Distributive Maze
  • Teacher Annotated Answer Key

Adding Decimals Full Practice and Activity Pack: PDF Digital Download

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