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Private 5th Grade Hands-On Science

Private 5th Grade Science Hands-On/Project Learning

  • 40 minutes
  • US

Service Description

Does you child need enrichment for their current science curriculum or prefer to learn through projects? This course offers private 1:1 instruction on all of 5th grade science in one semester. Students will engage in deep, thought provoking questioning and will work with the teacher to create projects, participate in a demonstrations, or conduct experiments that support the learning goal of the day. Each day's lesson will include a student notebook page (printable PDF) for the student to work with. The science journal will include areas for lab notes, diagrams, graphs, illustrations and other related information. Each lesson will also be cross-curricular, and will integrate many math (measurement, graphing, calculations) and reading skills. The semester will be broken down in to the topics described by the Next Generation Science Standards for 5th grade: ****THIS COURSE HAD BEEN DIVIDED INTO TWO PARTS***** **THIS CLASS INCLUDES SECTIONS 1 of 2 OF THIS CURRICULUM***** (20 sessions) Section 1: (10 Sessions): Lesson 1: What is the Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Geosphere and Atmosphere? Project: Begin Science Journal for Semester Lesson 2: Topic: Solids, Liquids, Gases Project: Model Building/ Exploring Sizes of Atoms, Molecules, Particles Lesson 3: Topic: Phase Changes Activity: Observe water demonstation; boiling freezing points observed Lesson 4: Topic: Water Cycle Activity: Build your own water cycle simulation box Lesson 5: Topic: Where is Earth's Water? Activity: Hands-on math / science cross curricular activity Lesson 6: Does Salt Water Evaporate? Activity: Hands-On demonstration/ observation Lesson 7: Salt vs. Fresh Water; Activity: Exploring density (Hands- on) Lesson 8: Volume, vs. Mass; Activity: (Hands-on) Compare different volumes and masses of various substances Lesson 9: Is Mass Constant? Activity: Comparing masses as substances change state (hands-on experiment) Lesson 10: Mixtures and Solutions: Activity: Hands-On creation of various mixtures and solutions Section 2: (10 Sessions): Lesson 1: Biosphere: What is an ecosystem? Activity: Learn about the members of an ecosystem (Science Journal) Lesson 2: Apex Predators: How can one species change an ecosystem? Activity: Starfish study Lesson 3: Apex Predator Continued. Activity: Select and research an apex predator of your choice Lesson 4: Trophic Levels and Food Chains Activity: Create a 3D sculpture of tropic levels for your ecosystem (Complete syllabus can be provided.)

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  • Montana, United States

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